Within our pack for MCX trading, we provide various packages and plans which are based on the trading of the Base Metals such as Zinc, Aluminum, Nickel, etc., Bullions like Gold and Silver, Energy packs for the trading of Oil and Natural Gas, and a Combo pack that includes all the above packages.

Base Metals

Balaji Share Tips has a base metals package that covers the tips about the trading of metals such as copper, nickel, zinc, lead, and aluminum. The future of the trading of the base metals is quite bright in the Indian share market and the number of traders in this segment is increasing by the day. To cater to their needs, we have designed three plans which will accommodate the requirements of the different traders in India.

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Under the Energy package, Balaji Share Tips will provide helpful predictions of the market with a minimum accuracy of 75%. These tips will help the traders to trade in the commodity market for the resources such as crude oil and natural gas. It is often agreed among all traders that the Energy section of the Commodity market is quite an easy target to trade in and people rarely lose their money in this section.

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With the Bullion package, Balaji Share Tips aims to cover all the analysis about the trading of precious metals such as gold and silver. For centuries now, these two metals have held quite a lot of value and with their trades becoming popular in the commodity market; we have decided to offer three plans that will accommodate the requirements of the different categories of the traders in India.

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