About Us

Balaji Share Tips is a Investment Advisory Company in India  and the entire idea behind the conception of the company was to provide tips and services to the traders around the country so that they can have an easier life trading in the Commodity and Stock Market. The company is still in its early stages, having been started in 2018. However, the aim of the entire endeavor is to provide safe and secure intraday and positional tips to the people that join hands with us. Once we have established a name in the market, we will continue to adhere to this aim and keep on providing safe and secure tips and trade services to all our customers.

Behind the screens at Balaji Share Tips, we have a strong team of professionals, each of them well versed with the Indian Stock Market. The analysis that they provide of the market using the technical data is all based on the various technical indicators that have been explored to predict a safe and secure future in the trading market. Each member of our team has undergone rigorous training from experts in the field, all in an effort to provide the best to our clients. At Balaji Share Tips, we aim to become one of the strongest companies in the field, and develop healthy relationships with our investors, brokers, and researchers.

Among the offerings from Balaji Share Tips, the main focus has been kept on the three different types of packages within the MCX, F&O, and Cash markets. There is a further segregation of the packages under the MCX market, with focus being on the Base Metals, Bullion packs, and the Energy trades.
When it comes to affordability, we have tried our best to keep the prices of our subscription packages in order to provide the best of the features to our customers in the least possible price. If you are a serious trader, you will find that there is a plan for you within our system and in all our past endeavors, we have always tried to keep monetary benefits secondary. The primary objective of all our efforts is to build a reputation within the market that cannot be tarnished for generations to come. We choose to leave behind a legacy that will be followed by the future generations of our company.

What We Offer

Under the various subscription packages that we have on our list, you can choose one that suits your needs and is accommodated within your finances. We offer monthly, quarterly, and half yearly subscriptions on most of our packages and there are heavy discounts when you choose to trust us for a longer time.

What You Get

Paying for the subscription will enroll you within our broadcast list. We will regularly contact you with our services. You will receive the following benefits once you decide to join us with any of our packages:

  • 3 to 4 calls a day through SMS on your phone or through our website, where you can see the live tips.
  • Guaranteed Accuracy Level around 95%.
  • All sorts of Commodity Strategies handed out by experts.

Dos and Don’ts for Trading

  • Dos
    • Always restrict your profit margin less than 25% to 30%.
    • Keep a constant eye out on the rates and sell as soon as the price reaches the target.
  • Don’ts
    • Never Over Trade.
    • Do Not trade in a single sector.
    • Do Not haste and try to take profits when the market is acting right.
    • Do Not make averages by buying shares when the price is less than your last purchase.
    • Do Not Watch or Trade too many scrips at the same time.
    • Do Not invest based on the rumors that you hear.